Action Plan



ResultTo achieve centum result for the academic year 2013 – 14
  1. Monthly Test
  2. Test were written by the students in test note book for the purpose of continues evaluation by the teacher educators.
  3. Coaching class arranged for English.
  4. Students progress report.
  5. To begin revision
Last week of every month 






First week of every month

From January 2014on wards


Academic activities

  1. i.          To develop overall personality of students






  1. A.       Library









  1. B.       Spoken English






  1. C.       Yoga





  1. D.       Laboratory


(Quality Enhancement)

1) To develop the institute





 News Letter






2) To aware self






3. Co-curricular activities

a)        To develop leadership qualities.

b)       Common Celebration













c)        Educational Exhibition



d)       To develop knowledge, Skill, aptitudes and organizational abilities.

e)        Awareness programme

The students divided in to five groups and daily activities carried out by group.

  1. Library
  2. Spoken English
  3. Games
  4. Laboratory activities
  5. Community work
  6. We need educational journals and we subscribed four  journals
  7. We need educational encyclopedia
  8. We need reference books in Tamil. Give permission to utilize


the Library books available in B.Ed college also

  1. Story telling method is adopted.
  2. Training in phonetics.
  3. To develop communication skill, Dialogue practice, Interviewing and Dramatization is followed

Yoga training is planned to give for three months based on the syllabus.

Certificate will be issued by the institute.

  1. Laboratory activities include Science, Psychology and Educational Technology

We had committees like

  1. Steering Committee
  2. Staff Meeting
  3. Alumini Association
  4. Parents meeting
  5. Planned to publish News Letter which include all the activities of the institute.
  6. News Letter will be issued to the other TTI.

Self development workshop is organized depending upon the syllabus and records were maintaining.

  1. Teaching Aptitude test was conducted for the Ist year students
  2. Planned to organize scout and guide Camp for the 1st year students.
  3. Decided to celebrate important festivals and events.
  4. Teachers Day
  5. Children’s Day
  6. Women’s Day
  7. Onam
  8. Pongal
  9. Chirstmas
  10. World Science Day
  11. Tree Plantation Day
  12. Kalai Illakiya Villa
  13. Hand Wasing Day
  14. World Environmental Day
  15. 1.        To organize educational exhibition
  16. Primary school students to view
  17. Planned to conduct filed trip for the first and second year students.
  18. Planned to conduct Eye awareness programme
  19. planned to conduct, blood donation, literacy, environmental and health awareness to rural areas like Manoor, Rastha, Parvathiyapuram, Pillayarkulam




From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm






From 3.40 pm to 4.30 pm






40 hours in a year


From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm




January 2014 on wards





From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm





30th of every month

Yearly twice










40 hours in a year



August 2013


March 2014











As per the instruction of DIET

As per the instruction of DIET

As per the instruction of DIET


April 2014



As per the Govt. scheduled









September 2013

  1. Planned to organize sports competition within the children of practicing schools after completing the observation phase in schools.
  2. Planned to conduct sports competition within the TTI’s of Munanjipatti DIET with prior permission from the DIET Principal.
December 2013 




April 2014

g) Clubs
  1. Planned to arrange clubs activities
All 4th Saturdays
The following clubs activities are suggested.

  1. Literary Association
  2. Mathematics Club
  3. Science Club
  4. Social Science Club
  5. Fine Arts Club
h)       Community Work
  1. Planned to organize community work within the SCAD Campus.
  2. Beautification
  3. Gardening
  4. Planting trees.
From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm daily
4. Quality Development of        Staff
  1. Planned to conduct seminars and workshop
  2. Planned to write Articles in SCAD journals
  3. Planned to participate in International or National seminars organized by other Institute
  4. Performance of best lecturer in various fields should be rewarded.
  5. Action Research must be submitted once in six months.
5. Admission
  1. Admission Canvassing for the academic year 2014-15 begins from January 2014