A Teacher is a

v  Communicator- because he transfers/transmits information, content, thoughts, knowledge, etc. to the pupils.

v  Counsellor- because he understands his pupils personal and academic problems and acquaints them with post education vocational choices.

v  Collaborator – because he joins hands in performing his task with his colleagues.

v  Consultant – because he enjoys the confidence of his pupils and advises them in matters of vital interest to life as students.

v  Cultural agent –because  he seeks to conserve, preserve and transmit the cultural heritage to posterity.

v  Evaluator of pupil’s carning – because he evaluates and assesses pupils learning in terms of their achievement, abilities and lapses.

v  Innovator – because innovates, performs, improves the techniques, content, course of study etc.

v  Instructor – because he imparts instruction by way of direction and order.

v  Leader – because he acts as a leader in the matter of educational reconstruction.

v  Manager – because he organizes, Supervises and manages institutional affairs and problems.

v  Model – because he commands perfection as a teacher and serves as a source of inspiration and worship.

v  Monitor – because he monitors the course of true education in every respect.

v  Motivator – because he stimulates and sustains active interest among pupils for education and learning through various techniques and devices.

v  Organizer of pupils activities – because he organizes and supervises approved programme of activities for pupils in and outside school.

v  Pupil Guide – because he directs pupils in the conduct and way of life.

v  Professionalist – because he keeps himself awake for his professional growth.

v  Promoter – because he contributes to the growth and welfare of the students.

v  Agent of social change – because he changes in social environmental and perspective to realize the objectives of a progressive society.

v  Supporter – because he supports his pupils, particularly the economically and socially backward by providing materials and physical facilities to help them and to pursue their studies. 

v  Moral Booster – because he not only believes righteously but also encourages uprightness among his pupils.