1.    The Student Teacher is expected to be present inside the college premises before 8.45a.m for Morning Assembly Session without fail and attend classes regularly.

2.    Attendance is compulsory during Intensive Practice Teaching and the student-teacher cannot avail any kind of leave on those days.

3.    Students should apply for leave to the Principal mentioning the reason for absence. In case of a long absence owing to illness, a medical certificate is to be enclosed.

4.    No student will be allowed to appear for the Government Examination unless he/she puts in 85% of the attendance of the total working days as prescribed by the state Government.

5.    No student will be allowed to go out of the campus between 8.45a.m and 4.30p.m during institution hours.

6.    Stringent action will be taken against the student who involves himself/herself in any form of indiscipline. Such a student is liable to be dismissed from the Institute.

7.    Every student teacher is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the Institutions in matter of attendance, dress code, Library use, fees, examination etc..

8.    Every student teacher is expected to be earnest, sincere and vigilant in his / her duties. he/she should be courteous, clean and modest in dress appearance and behavior.

9.    The student teachers should wear uniform with Identity Card.

10.The Student teacher should attend all the periodical tests and examinations conducted by the Institution without fail and their absence on those days will affect their internal marks.

11.All 1st and 3rd Saturdays are holidays.


12.All 2nd Saturdays are set aside for Work Experience.

13.All 4th Saturdays are set aside for club activities.




  • The students who do not stay with the parents should stay in the hostel.
  • At the time of admission to hostel, the college fee receipt has to be produced. A declaration agreeing to abide by the rules of the hostel has to be signed by the student and counter signed by the Parent/Guardian.
  • On Admission, the student will be allotted a room by the hostel authorities. The allocation of the room is subject to change at any time, for administrative reasons. Students shall occupy only the rooms allotted by the authority and shall not shift to any other room, of their choice.
  • On allocation of the room, the student is to take possession of the room, furniture and fittings and ensure that everything is maintained in good order. Any damage will be claimed from the occupant immediately.
  • Dismissal or suspension from the college will entail automatic dismissal or suspension from the hostel also.
  • Before vacating the hostel, the students are required to remove all their personal belongings and handover the furniture and other items provided to them in good condition, to the hostel authorities. They are required to keep all the electrical fittings in their rooms intact.
  • Damage to common properties of the hostel will be collected from all the students in that hostel.
  • Students are required to produce identity cards on demand, for verification of Identity.
  • Students are expected to get prior permission before leaving the campus.
  • Use of Radios, Televisions, Tape Recorders, Cell Phones (Mobile Phones), Steel bureau or any other type of personal furniture, electrical, electronic appliances is not permitted.  Cassette/CD players with headphones are permitted. Use of personal computers for academic purposes by students in the hostel is allowed after obtaining prior permission from the chief warden.
  • Students are not allowed to write or paste anything on walls, windows or doors in the room or deface them in any way.  Posters of any kind are not to be affixed on walls or in any other place; however calendars without pictures are permitted.
  • Meetings of any kind can only be organised with prior permission of the chief warden.
  • Students shall utilize the service of the dhobi authorized by the institution.
  • Students are requested to be in their room during study hours and silent hours as per the schedule.
  • Playing cards, smoking, consuming drugs or alcohol and possessing obscene pictures, posters, pornographic material, lethal weapons or inflammable materials are strictly forbidden.
  • Inmates are expected not to be in the hostel during class hours without the permission of the authority concerned.
  • Inmates are expected to participate in all meetings and functions officially arranged for them by the authorities.
  • Inmates are well advised to use the telephone facilities before 8.30 p.m. on working days and 9.30 p.m. on Sundays and other holidays.
  • Parents and authorised visitors are permitted to visit the students between 4.15 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. on holidays.