 Empowering the rural talents with professional skill and values for dispelling darkness of ignorance.
 Provide holistic education at affordable cost.
 Equip the youth with passionate commitment for the sacred endeavor.

To develop resourceful lifelong learners with knowledge, skills and attitude to secure rewarding careers and satisfying lives in the increasingly technologically focused globally interdependence multicultural society.

 A Campus Congenial for learning
 Technology based Education
 Physical, Yoga and Health Education
 Fully equipped Library and Laboratories
 Community Oriented socially useful productive work

The following objectives of teacher education at the elementary level are formulated. At the end of the programme the trainees will be able to
 Understand the nature, purpose, problems and issues of elementary education,
 Evolve need-based, community-specific and child-centred pedagogy including indigenous learning systems,
 Understand the nature and maturity level of children for imparting education for their many sided development,
 To mobilize and manage community resources for the development of school infrastructure
 Use the constructivist pedagogy and evaluation techniques
 Develop desire, taste and capacity for life-long learning and make them aware of the latest developments in their areas of specialization and the needed transactional skills,
 Understand the advantages of ICT and use the same for facilitating student learning
 Develop sensitivity towards the education of the neglected sections of society who are deprived of the rights they are entitled to.
 Participate in the effective management of the school.